USED YAESU FC 30 ATU £150.00 Great for FT 857/FT 897 models

  • £150.00

A boxed example of the Yaesu FC 30 compact ATU in stunning condition. Rare to find such an example complete with connecting lead. New price is over £250.00

Details are shown below:

The FC-30 External Automatic ATU is specifically for the FT897 and covers HF/ 6m. The matching impedance range is from 16.5 Ohms to 150 Ohms (up to 3:1 SWR). Long wire antennas may not be matched unless they fall within this range. Connection to the FT-897/857 is very simple with the supplied control cable and the 50 Ohm patch lead with PL-259 plugs. The external HF/50MHz antenna is connected to the ANT connection on the FC-30 and the 2m/70cm directly to the FT-897 or FT-857.

* 1.8-30MHz, 50-54MHz 
* 50 Ohms (impedance range 16.5-150 Ohms)
* 100W max input 
* ATU memories 100
* Size 80 x 45 x 260mm